Mediation is a form of conflict resolution in which people solve their own conflict with the help of a mediator as neutral, independent and impartial facilitator. The mediator restores the communication, guides the negotiations and monitors the process.

In the mediation process, both your personal and business interests are addressed.

In addition, more (creative) solutions are possible in mediation than in a legal procedure. Practice also shows that mediation leads to a faster and better solution. Moreover, the solution can be found quickly and is not imposed by the mediator. The parties themselves determine what the solution will look like and only agree to it when they themselves agree to it. 

Moreover, because the solution is more in line with the wishes and interests of both parties, it is more likely to be maintained.


The mediators of BBKWmediation are engaged in conflicts in the business and public domain. Business conflicts can exist between colleagues, employees and managers, between and within various bodies (board, works council, supervisory board, etc.), in partnerships, companies, joint ventures, between organisations, customers and suppliers, with the (semi)government. Disagreements may relate to substantive issues, but also to how people deal with each other.

Wherever cooperation or working relationships have been disrupted or are failing, we are in our best position. Matters we often support are conflicts

  • in the workplace
  • between business partners and shareholders
  • between customers and suppliers
  • within care institutions and educational organisations
  • with managers, directors, boards of directors, supervisory boards
  • within or with works councils
  • between franchisors and franchisees
  • with the (semi) government
  • within associations
  • in a team context
  • within family businesses

In all these cases, it is often the wish to restore the relationship and trust, to make workable arrangements for a continuation of the cooperation or, on the contrary, to end the cooperation in a way that respects everyone.