mr. drs. Caroline Kloppers

Caroline Kloppers is both a psychologist and former-lawyer. This background offers an ideal framework for her mediation style which involves a practical solution-oriented approach, always focusing on the people and organisations involved.

Conflicts offer opportunities. Caroline Kloppers helps her clients to discover their underlying wishes and needs in the conflict. The solutions often turn out to be positive for all parties involved and protracted and expensive court proceedings can be avoided. Moreover, the solutions are sustainable because it is the parties involved who come up with the solutions. Time to move on!

Caroline Kloppers studied Dutch law and psychology at the Radboud University Nijmegen and has been a MfN-registermediator since 2005. She is also IMI certified.  Caroline has been helping to find conflict solutions for 25 years, initially as a lawyer and since 2005 also as a (business) mediator. She has been a fulltime (business) mediator since 2016.

As a business (-to-business) mediator, Caroline mediates in a variety of business conflicts. These include conflicts in partnerships, cooperating parties/partners, shareholders, teams, management boards, family owned companies, work-related issues, exit mediations, individual parties or groups.

Caroline Kloppers also assists parties to find common ground prior to making sustainable agreements or contracts. She also helps parties to defuse impending conflicts.

2019-hedenDocent/trainer ADR bij de Beroepsopleiding Advocaten
2017-hedenGastdocent voor het mastervak Mediation aan de faculteit der rechtsgeleerdheid van de Radboud Universiteit in Nijmegen.
2016-hedenPartner bij BBKWmediation (voorheen BosnakBender)
2014-hedenIntervisiebegeleider van professionals (MfN en NOvA geaccrediteerd)
2013-2017Bestuurslid Mediators federatie Nederland (MfN)
2011-2017Voorzitter Nederlandse Vereniging van Mediation Advocaten
2006 – 2016Partner bij Stelvio advocaten | mediators
1992-2006Advocaat bij Nysingh advocaten-notarissen
Secties ondernemingsrecht, faillissementsrecht en vastgoed
1983-1988Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Psychologie
1988-1992Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Nederlands Recht
2005Opleiding tot (gecertificeerd) mediator, Merlijn Nuland
2006-hedenDiverse cursussen en trainingen t.b.v. Permanente Educatie voor mediators (tot heden) en advocaten (tot 2016)
2011Opleiding tot Certified Online Mediator
2014Opleiding tot Intervisiebegeleider van professionals (Dialogue)
Other positions

Lid onafhankelijke klachtencommissie Stichting Carmelcollege 2017 -heden

Voorzitter Nederlandse Vereniging van Mediation Advocaten (NVVMA) 2011-2017

Bestuurslid Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN) 2014-2017


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