mr. John Bosnak

Advisor at BBKWmediation

2015-2022 MfN registered mediator
2010-2022IMI Certified mediator
2009-2018Partner Van Nieuwenhuizen Partners, since 1/1/2015 named BosnakBender, since 1/1/2019 BBKWMediation.
2003NMI certified mediator
1997NMI-registered mediator
1997-2009Partner/shareholder, 2006 Senior Counsel, CMS Derks Star Busmann Arnhem
1987-1997Partner Winters and Bosnak Advocaten
1980-1987Partner Bosnak Bender Sutorius Advocaten
1975-1980Partner van der Tas advocaten
1971-1975Lawyer at Dirkzwager advocaten Arnhem
1996 – 2022Training and courses related to mediation
1996 – 1997Two-year basic training in mediation, Centre for Conflict Management
1969 – 1971Language specialist (Russian) School of Military Intelligence Harderwijk
1962 – 1969Dutch Law University Leiden
Ancillary positions

In the past John Bosnak was a member of the Board of Delegates of the Netherlands Bar Association and of the Supervisory Council of the Bar Association in the district of Arnhem. He participated in a working group of the Ministry of Justice on the enforcement of judgments in the European Union. He was on the board of the HAN University of Applied Sciences at Arnhem-Nijmegen and was a member of the supervisory board of an international trade company. He acted as in-house lawyer for a local construction company for 10 years. He practiced (Dutch) law in Düsseldorf for 10 years. He was chairman of the international CMS Practice Area Group on Dispute Resolution and of the Dutch Association of Mediation Lawyers, of which he is now an honorary member. He was a board member and later a member of the Advisory Council of the Netherlands Mediation Institute (NMI), the predecessor of the MfN. He was involved in the preparation of the implementation of the EU Mediation Directive in the Netherlands as chair of the NMI's working group on legislation. He was a member of the Board of the International Legal Institute in The Hague. From 2002 to 2020 he was active as a lecturer in ADR at the professional training programme of the Bar Association, from 2013 as head lecturer.
In the course of his career John Bosnak published on the European Mediation Directive, on private international law, procedural law and mediation-related topics.
He has lectured in the Netherlands and abroad about mediation and the role of lawyers in this process.
He has often acted as a jury member and mediator in the Commercial Mediation Competitions, organized by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.