Business mediation

Business conflicts can severely impact an organization’s efficiency and reputation. BBKWmediation offers specialized business mediation for conflicts between and within companies, other organizations, and partnerships. This also includes conflicts arising from co-determination relationships. Our expert mediators guide you through the process with a structured and flexible approach tailored to the unique characteristics of your situation.

We understand that business disputes often involve complex legal and operational issues. Therefore, we work closely with the involved parties to conduct in-depth analyses of the underlying causes of the conflict. Our goal is to improve communication, foster mutual understanding, and find workable solutions that are acceptable to all parties.

At BBKWmediation, we adopt a confidential and neutral approach, creating a safe environment where parties can speak freely and seek solutions. Our experience spans various sectors and business sizes, enabling us to develop customized strategies that meet your specific needs. Choose BBKWmediation to resolve your business conflicts professionally and efficiently.

Characteristics of mediation

  • Parties remain in control
  • Guidance by an independent, neutral and impartial professional: the mediator
  • Mediation is a solution-oriented and future-oriented process
  • Work can be done quickly, informally and flexibly
  • This saves time and money
  • There is room for creative solutions
  • There is an eye for the relationship between the parties, even when a collaboration ends
  • The conflict is not out in the open
  • High success rate

What is mediation?