You don’t want to let *threatening* conflicts slumber or escalate. You want to tackle and resolve them. Mediation is the fastest and easiest way to a lasting solution. The professional mediators at BBKWmediation are happy to help you doing so.

To our professionals


Business mediation

BBKWmediation provides high-quality support for conflicts within and between businesses.

We create a safe, confidential negotiation environment for sustainable and innovative solutions that align with the business and commercial interests of all involved parties.

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Employment mediation

Workplace conflicts consume a lot of time, money, and energy. BBKWmediation effectively assists in resolving work-related conflicts.

Our goal is to restore trust, make workable agreements, or respectfully end the collaboration.

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Group Mediation

Conflicts involving multiple parties require tailored approaches. BBKWmediation designs and facilitates effective group processes, considering the complex dynamics and relationships among the parties involved.

We ensure a clear and constructive approach.

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Our professionals

Our mediators conduct inter alia mediations within joint ventures, boards, supervisory authorities and employee participation, in companies, between organisations and in work-related mediations.We offer guidance in mediations in the construction industry, insolvency mediations, mediations in shareholders disputes, in disputes within owners associations, within family businesses, in deal making and legal mediations. BBKWmediation is based in Arnhem.