Group Mediation

At BBKWmediation, we understand that conflicts within groups have a unique dynamic. The more people or parties involved, the more complex the situation becomes. Group mediation therefore requires a tailored process. Our experienced mediators design and facilitate effective group processes, considering the relationships between and within parties, as well as the role of representatives and their constituents. Our goal is to ensure a clear and constructive approach.

In group mediation, we often work with a co-mediator to manage the complexity of the situation and to ensure every voice is heard. Examples of our group mediation include conflicts between multiple parties, such as a municipality, a developer, and an interest group, or between groups, such as staff of a care facility versus a group of parents. Other situations may involve a group within a party, such as a director versus his board of directors, or conflicts within a group itself, like disputes among director-shareholders.

Our approach focuses on promoting understanding and collaboration among the involved parties, with the ultimate goal of reaching a sustainable and workable solution. BBKWmediation provides a neutral and safe environment where all parties can share their viewpoints and come to an agreement together.

Characteristics of mediation

  • Parties remain in control
  • Guidance by an independent, neutral and impartial professional: the mediator
  • Mediation is a solution-oriented and future-oriented process
  • Work can be done quickly, informally and flexibly
  • This saves time and money
  • There is room for creative solutions
  • There is an eye for the relationship between the parties, even when a collaboration ends
  • The conflict is not out in the open
  • High success rate

What is mediation?