Our vision

A conflict is usually more complicated than it superficially appears. Understanding the conflict is therefore crucial in finding a way to resolve it. The mediators at BBKWmediation understand, thanks to their years of experience, how conflicts arise, how they persist and how they can be broken through and resolved.

Mediation is a form of conflict mediation where people solve their conflict themselves with the help of a mediator as a neutral, independent and impartial mediator. The mediator restarts communication, guides the negotiations and monitors the process. Both personal and business interests are considered.

We have experienced that more (creative) solutions are possible in mediation than in legal proceedings. Practice also shows that mediation leads to a faster and better solution. Because the solution better matches the wishes and interests of both parties, it also lasts longer.

The BBKWmediation mediators find it important to contribute to the development of mediation, both in the Netherlands and abroad. We would also like to share our knowledge and experience and play a role in the education and training of mediators and other professionals involved in conflict management. 

We are involved in education and research on mediation and conflict management, regularly publish on these topics and organize various activities from the BBKW Academy to exchange knowledge and experience.