Employment Mediation

Workplace conflicts can significantly affect the work atmosphere and productivity. BBKWmediation offers expert employment mediation to effectively address and resolve such conflicts. Our mediators have extensive experience in mediating a wide range of employment conflicts, such as imminent dismissal, disrupted authority relationships between team and manager, or dysfunctional collaborations between colleagues.

At BBKWmediation, we believe in the importance of early intervention. Employment mediation can also be used preventively to avoid the emergence of conflicts. This can, for example, involve guiding decision-making processes within co-determination bodies or boards. Our approach focuses on restoring and maintaining healthy working relationships, aiming for sustainable solutions that are acceptable to all parties.

Our mediators provide a neutral and safe environment where all involved can express their concerns and viewpoints. By improving communication and fostering mutual understanding, we help parties come to workable solutions together. BBKWmediation stands for an empathetic and professional approach, aimed at creating a positive and productive work environment. Choose BBKWmediation to effectively and respectfully manage and resolve employment conflicts.

Characteristics of mediation

  • Parties remain in control
  • Guidance by an independent, neutral and impartial professional: the mediator
  • Mediation is a solution-oriented and future-oriented process
  • Work can be done quickly, informally and flexibly
  • This saves time and money
  • There is room for creative solutions
  • There is an eye for the relationship between the parties, even when a collaboration ends
  • The conflict is not out in the open
  • High success rate

What is mediation?